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Phase Internet Business Success Strategies
"Internet Strategy” has become one of the hottest buzzwords in companies of all sizes, in countries around the world. You have been told that you have to “Move your company to the ‘Net” to keep from getting left behind.

Is that true? And what does it mean? Just what is “Internet Strategy” really; how do I move my company there; and how does that help me make more money?

Let’s take a look at some possible answers to those questions as they pertain to your business.

Strategy Phase

Strategies that WILL succeed
Phasedata Corp makers of the Phase ENGINE and Phase ecommerce platform suggests that there are four tasks that you will need to achieve before you have a customer, or a qualified sales lead from your website. Also, there is one more task you will need to achieve in order to prevent your ecommerce website from becoming a one hit wonder.

Phase 1: Consider your value proposition
Selling or generating qualified sales leads over the Internet is vastly different to selling in a showroom, a shop or in person. The competition is fiercer, the logistics of fulfillment more awkward, the expectations and obstacles of your prospects different. The leading business ecommerce engine and business directory designed to help its users build the companies, products, services, and information they need to make the right business decisions.

You will need to make your value proposition instantly actionable to a person with one finger poised over a mouse. This may be a case of reinforcing an objective with an additional incentive.

Phase 2: Find your markets
Finding the exact phrases that people are looking for is remarkably easy on the Internet. This allows you to build content that is readily acceptable, position yourself in existing traffic flows and get clues as to how to shape your value propositions.

A good consultant will work with you to grade the phrases and find the ones that qualify both the best and least competed traffic.

Phase 3: Connect to the market
Being on the first page of search engine results is very desirable. Being on page four is the same as being on page five thousand. Being on page one is useless if people don't pick you. Failing to inspire response from a Google Ad Words campaign is expensive. The Phase ENGINE is a powerful solution that dynamically displays your content automatically updating page keywords, title and description based on the content of the page being displayed.

In these days of paid inclusion, it is vital to know which engines and directories are important, which international markets they serve and which ones aren't worth your hard earned money. Once you have exhausted these routes to market, the fun begins with email, affiliate programmes, link building and paid advertising.

Phase 4: Persuade your visitors to take action
What use is traffic that does not benefit you - your marketing budget is just like water being poured into a holed bucket. Page content that research has proven to be relevant helps. If the value proposition is right and the traffic qualified, then good copywriting and clear paths to achieving objectives will get results. Period. Phase is the leading business ecommerce engine and business directory designed to help its users build the companies, products, services, and information they need to make the right business decisions.

This stage is the one that continues to elude web designers more than any other. Flash movies, swanky graphics and lack lustre copy don't persuade, words do. Get the four stages right and results will start to happen.

Phase 5: Follow up with a good CRM strategy
Without this, an ecommerce sale is likely to be a one hit wonder. Generating sales leads often requires courting prospects before they make an active request for personal contact. Phase has complete customer management capabilities to allow customers to review their accounts and all current and previous invoices. Email is the ultimate tool for Internet CRM strategy, often in conjunction with intelligent data mining. The life time value of a customer is probably one of the most important business metrics however the customer was acquired.

The best ebusiness consultants at Phasedata Corp can get everything right the first time. Review of web stats and the formulation of business metrics makes these five tasks a continually ongoing process. If you are getting it right, then you will not need to apportion budgets for your Internet strategies anymore, they will generate the funds themselves - and your profits along with it.

Make the next step to Internet business success an affirmative move. powers e-commerce and e-business websites including business b2b search advertising aerospace defense agriculture airlines automotive chemicals computers electronics semiconductors energy utilities financial services food beverage healthcare industrial goods internet online media entertainment pharmaceuticals professional real estate construction retail telecommunications transportation travel leisure. To make the step up to more intelligent ebusiness techniques using Phase, email me here.

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